Monday, April 22, 2013

Okay. So if you haven’t seen Dove’s “Sketches” campaign go watch the link above.

It is seven minutes that will make you a better photographer - and it has nothing to do with photography.

I’ll wait.
Seriously - go. watch.

Now, think about how you relate to your clients.
think about their fears in front of the lens.
Think about how important it is to do our jobs well.

We are Professional Portrait Artists. 

It is our duty as professionals to make people look their very best. To show the best version of who they are. We have a running joke here at the studio that “we only work with pretty people” - but, in truth everyone is beautiful to the people that love them.

It is our responsibility to show people the beauty in themselves that the people who love them see.

That is what we do - at our best.

Not through photoshop or retouching trickery - because that just adds to the pressure that society put on people to be “perfect” - an impossible and always moving target.

But, through knowledge of lighting and posing and lens selection and the craft of portrait photography. The craft of a professional who has studied and learned the hard things. Not just f-stops and shutter speeds.

There have been moments in our preview appointments where girls will be crying after the slideshow because they have never felt so pretty. They don’t know they are beautiful and we have shown them the version of themselves that their loved ones see.

Those are the days that count.- when you make people feel better about themselves than they did before.

When you tell them that these are un-retouched images and they really are that pretty.

When you change their lives and they change yours.

That is why I love this business.

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