Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Justify Prices

This is a real conversation I had. The question and my response.

Q:  So, my thing is, how do we justify the cost of our prints when savvy consumers could see how inexpensive it could be? Just curious as to what your thoughts are.

A:  We justify our prices by artistic merit, print quality, service, and experience. We have invested hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars in knowing how to make beautiful prints - from lighting and posing (making people look fabulous in camera) to retouching and fixing blemishes in post-productions. We invest HOURS of time in each client with initial consultations, phone calls, the actual appointment time, the preview/order session, and that is before any prints are made. The cost of the actual PAPER is far and away the smallest cost in the equation. We charge the same price for all "small prints" (8x10 and 5x7) because the difference in our cost is so small. Ultimately, we are selling heirloom portraits that will last a lifetime. we know every print is PERFECT and we guarantee every print for a lifetime. We deliver prints in custom mats and beautiful bags. That doesn't even account for custom framing. Every print is A LOT of work. The price takes care of itself when you know how much things actually cost. not just the print but the total Cost of Business calculation. So, let me ask the other side of the question, how do you justify your clients having low-to-moderate quality versions of your work on display?

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